Wildfire Damage Restoration in Colorado

Fire Loss Response has over 30 years of collective experience providing top-tier wildfire and smoke damage restoration across Colorado. Our expert team will be here for you on every step, from initial damage assessment and insurance claim preparation to complete home reconstruction to a pre-fire condition.

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We Restore Your House After Wildfire 

Every year wildfires cause immense damage. Over 1,084 structures are already destroyed since the 2022 Colorado wildfire season started. If your property was affected, starting the wildfire damage restoration process within the first 24 hours is critical to minimize secondary damage from soot, smoke, heat, water, and dry extinguisher reagents.

How do you restore a burnt forest?
What are the fire recovery strategies?

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Our professional wildfire damage restoration services include

Initial assessment
No-obligation damage assessment by our expert team to estimate the scope and cost of future repair and cleanup works. 

Insurance claiming
Professional help preparing and submitting the tire damage insurance claim to get the maximum payout.

Stop-gap measures
Boarding up missing walls and windows, roof tarping, emergency power and temporary lighting installation, etc.

Packing and moving
All the salvageable items will be carefully packed and moved to a safe storage location for the whole reconstruction time.

Contents restoration
We have top-of-the-line equipment for fast and efficient contents cleaning, deodorization, sanitation, and repair.

Deep cleaning
Every trace of acidic soot will be removed from your walls, ceilings, paddings, and all other surfaces.

Smoke remediation
We use the most efficient techniques to clean smoke and remove any lingering odors from your house.

We will restore your building to its original state and make it safe and comfortable again as if the fire never happened.

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1What causes a wildfire?
The most common causes of wildfire in Colorado are the lightning strike and human-induced factors, like arson, powerline breakage, and poorly extinguished bonfires.
2What areas are at the most risk for wildfires?
According to the newly-released First Street Foundation report,the most wildfire-prone state this year are Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
3How long does it take for smoke to clear after a wildfire?
If no measures are taken to clean up the smoke damage from wildfire, the odor will reside in your home for several weeks and up to 7 months.
4Will my homeowner's insurance cover damage from wildfires?
A standard Homeowner’s insurance covers all types of fire damage, that includes damage from wildfires to both your building and personal belongings.
5Is the smell of smoke after a wildfire harmful?
Wildfire smoke contains microscopic particles that cause throat and eye irritation, coughing, rhinitis, congestion, chest discomfort, and breathing problems.

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