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Fire Loss Response is here to take all the stress out of the claims process. We will walk you through all the recovery stages and provide your insurer with every bit of information they need to approve your claim. Our expert team knows how to deal with an insurance adjuster after a house fire to get you the maximum compensation your policy offers.

What is fire covered by insurance?
How to calculate fire insurance claim?

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We file Your Claim Promptly

Filing an insurance claim for fire damage as early as possible is critical for successful restoration. The best practice is to start the process within the first 24 hours to minimize secondary damage from acidic soot, toxic smoke, and extinguisher substances. But dealing with complicated insurance procedures makes the devastating post-fire experience even worse.

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Our best fire insurance claims assistance services include

Damage assessment
Contact our 24/7 Customer Care Team for the same-day no-obligation consultation. A team of experts will examine your fire-affected property to assess the damage and estimate the fire damage restoration cost.

Meeting the loss adjuster
We will help you prepare for the preliminary fact-finding meeting with the fire loss adjuster, so you will have all the answers in hand to help the fire damage insurance claim progress faster.

Initial report review
Our expert will review the loss adjuster’s initial report and help you challenge the findings if necessary. This way, we can ascertain that you won’t have to face a common problem with underinsurance.

Contents claim
We will help you prepare a detailed claim for lost or damaged contents with accurate replacement values so that you can get maximum compensation, including the contents restoration cost.

Emergency costs claim
If your policy includes additional immediate costs you incurred as a direct result of the fire, including the temporary accommodation cost, we will ensure you get everything you are entitled to.

Claim negotiations
We will use our extensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of the fire insurance claim process to professionally handle the negotiations, get you the best compensation, and dispute non-claimable items.

Final claim settlement
Our expert will collect all the necessary information and prepare and submit the final part of your claim, which covers all your expenses for the complete restoration of your property to the pre-fire condition, including smoke remediation.

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1What is fire insurance?
Fire insurance is a type of property insurance that covers damages caused by fire. Depending on the policy type, it can also cover the cost of damaged contents, temporary accommodation, and additional living expenses for the time of the restoration process.
2How does fire insurance work?
In case of fire, the insurance policyholder is entitled to compensation that covers the price of property restoration to a pre-fire condition. The insurance company will pay for reconstruction, materials, repair, cleaning, odor removal, and unsalvageable items replacement
3How to file an insurance claim without professional help?
You need to immediately call your insurance company to inform them about the incident and schedule a meeting with the fire loss adjuster. The next step is collecting all the information you need to file the claim, such as photos and video of the damaged area, a copy of the police report, a list of lost items with receipts and prices, expert repair cost assessments, remediation estimates, etc. The typical fire insurance claims examples are available on the web for free.
4What to do after a house fire with no insurance?
If you don’t have a homeowner’s insurance, you will have to pay for house fire or wildfire damage restoration and clean-up services out of your own pocket. Though local disaster relief organizations, like Red Cross and the Salvation Army, can provide you with food, medications, clothing, and shelter.

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