Fire Damage Restoration in Colorado

We approach every fire loss with compassion as if it was our own home. We understand the level of devastation you deal with after a fire, this is why we dedicated our effort to rebuilding your property so that you can worry about other important things like family.

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Get Your Home Back To Its Pre-loss Condition

Every fire causes damage that doesn’t end with extinguishing flames. Effective emergency response within the first 48 hours is critically important. The acidic ash and smoke damage accelerate the corrosion and deterioration of your structures and assets, as well as water and dry chemicals used for extinguishing.

Fire Loss Response is a professional fire damage cleanup service in Centennial, Colorado. Our team of expert recovery specialists has over 30 years of collective experience dealing with all kinds of fire losses, from a small kitchen fire in a single-family residential home to a totally burned-out commercial complex.

What is fire restoration?
How do you restore after a fire?

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Our fire damage repair services include

Free assessment
The team of experts will thoroughly examine your fire-affected property to estimate the scope and cost of restoration and cleaning.

Insurance assistance
We guide you through the entire We guide you through the entire process of submitting your fire damage insurance claim.

Safety measures
All types of services needed to prevent further property damage and avoid safety risks, from board-up to temporary lighting installation.

Pack-out assistance
We will pack and move out all your surviving belongings along with safely removing and disposing of non-salvageable items.

Contents restoration
We go the extra mile to professionally clean and restore your personal content to the best of our ability.

Ash and soot cleanup 
We use the best equipment and techniques to remove soot from your walls, ceilings, and all other surfaces. 

Smoke removal 
We are experts in complete smoke damage restoration, sanitizing, and deodorization, so no lingering odor will be left behind.

We preserve as much of the restorable surfaces as possible and rebuild every inch of your property to its pre-fire state.

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1How is smoke damage treated?
Professionals use specialized equipment, techniques, cleaning solutions, adsorbing substances, and detoxifying agents to remove soot, smoke, and residing odor.
2How much does fire restoration cost?
The cost of fire damage restoration can range anywhere from $2,900 to the total market value of the cost to rebuild your home; depending on fire size, damage type, and dozens of other factors.
3How long does fire restoration take?
A small fire of minor smoke damage can be fully removed in just a couple of days, while major reconstruction after a big fire can take up to seven months to a year. It depends on the insurance carrier, and availability of the materials and labor needed to complete the rebuild.
4Is it worth buying a fire damaged house?
Before buying fire-affected property, get an assessment of restoration services, including smoke damage cleaning, provided by professional contractors.

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