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1What are my next steps after a fire?

1. Many insureds do not know that they are required to secure their property to prevent further damage from occurring. After a fire this can include: temporary roof coverings, water remediation, and boarding up of doors/windows.

2. After the property has been secured you will need to test the property for hazardous materials. These tests are required before any work can be done on the property.

3. A qualified restoration contractor will be required to put together a reconstruction estimate to verify the cost of reconstruction on your behalf.

2Do i have enough coverage? What does “policy limits” mean?
When you’re told you have policy limits, this usually means that your insurance carrier is talking about the first declarations page within your policy. This page goes over coverage limits for each section of your policy. A few examples of these limits are: coverage A structural, coverage B outside dwelling, and coverage C for contents.
3Do I have to rebuild my home to exactly the state it was in before? can I make changes to my original floorplan?
The insurance company only pays for what you had before the fire. They are obligated to return your home to a preloss condition. While the insurance company only provides funds for what you had, you are entitled to make changes within your reconstruction budget. Any additions or changes outside of the value for your reconstruction will need to be paid out of pocket.
4Why should I choose Fire Loss Response to help me recover?
Fire Loss Response has 30 combined years of experience in fire restoration. Our project managers and estimators have extensive knowledge to evaluate, estimate, and manage your reconstruction project. Because we specialize in residential home rebuilding we are able to offer you a grade of home above the normal builder.

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